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Imynvokad - Imynvokad

A Nice Demo but a Little Short. - 80%

Vega360, May 1st, 2007

One man black metal bands are about a dime a dozen these days, anyone with time and money could put one together. Imynvokad are no exception to the fact, but they were obviously blessed with more money than most seeing as not only is there logo professionally done but they seem to have decent enough production to keep the sound somewhat clear.

Comprised of three tracks we get a nice blend of raw black metal with elements of the traditional us black metal scene. The drums aren’t in consistent blast beats and the riffs are the standard fare, so we don’t get any special musical breakthrough here but we get a nice rendition of the usual stuff here. The vocals sound raw and hateful similar almost to Satyr (specifically from the Dark Medieval Times era).

Overall this band has potential. I am looking forward to hearing more future material, seeing as this demo was simply too short to make an accurate judge of the band’s full sound.