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Some quality music here - 80%

Muloc7253, August 21st, 2008

Wervolf and Impure Essence are both young, one-man black metal projects, the first being from the US and the latter from Brazil. Wervolf has a small cult following due to the fact that he has an excessive amount of releases but all of these releases are individually good, if not great. Impute Essence is pretty unknown and for now, only known through this split with Wervolf.

The Impure Essence side of the split is pretty cool. It's pretty straight-forward but interesting nonetheless, mostly mid-paced with quite an occultic vibe. The drum machine is quite obviously a drum machine and hasn't recieved the best of programming, but is good for keeping a steady beat. The vocals are competent also, but the best features are the melodies found in the riffs and the keys, which maintain a good, dark atmosphere. Nothing too ambitious here, but nothing bad either. Overall, pretty good black metal worthy of an overall 65% rating.

Wervolf however, is much more convincing. 'Misinterpretation of Demonic Regurgitations' is fast, chaotic and raw and just sounds really fucking cool. Wervolf has a reputation as bedroom black metal, this I don't understand and can only attribute this to the fact that Frost is a fairly young musician. While the Impure Essence tracks make me think of a black metal fan wanting to make his own, Wervolf doesn't make me think of humans or technology or anything like that at all, as should be the same with all black metal. It's gritty, dark, violent and evil, just as black metal should be. But 'The Spirit Weeps Melancholy in It's Tomb' is even more impressive, a longer but not overlong emotional song which is still just as vicious and epic as it is despaired. Really, this has made me very interested in hearing more of Wervolf, and I fully intend to track down the rest of his releases. I'd give his side of the split 90%

Overall this is a pretty good split, which some enjoyable material from Impure Essence and some outstanding music from Wervolf. Very worth owning.