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Implosive Disgorgence - Implosive Disgorgence

Chapter Awesome. - 60%

Danz, May 30th, 2005

Regardless of how idiotic the song titles on this demo may be, it's actually pretty good, although much too short. There's not too much to say, so I'll just say what must be.

You can tell, as soon as the first song, "Chapter 1," begins, that drum triggers were used and abused by this band - used and abused all through this demo, actually. This lends an air of gripping, albeit superficial intensity to not only this song, but to Chapters 2 through 5. Interestingly enough, though, the drummer does not focus all his energy on the double bass, as would tend to be the norm within this genre of metal; he keeps his hands ridiculously busy, so much so that the other components of the drum kit, save the cymbals, may not be heard at various points throughout the demo.

The quality of the guitar work, however, does not match the quality of the drumming. Sure, the riffs played were fun to listen to and may be quite enjoyable live, but they are largely uninspiring. They evoke no significant emotion - none that can be held for any extended period of time, anyway, and none that are great enough to be remembered through the ages. Then again, this is only a demo. While the drumming may hold a relatively constant pace throughout the songs, the speed at which the guitars are played, of course, varys. That is, the riffing is pretty basic - casual strumming, almost - but this can only be said for the slower parts of each song. It's clear that the same formula was used while making each of these songs; said formula being "fast part, slow part, fast part." It really is that simple and the songs are much too short for one to dispute this. By "Chapter 3" this is expected.

Now, the vocals, though somewhat generic are utterly fantastic. Perhaps it's just that I am as much of a fanboy as generic Death Metal growls could have. That aside, they are fast, they are deep, vocal delivery is awesome. The vocals demand and command the listener's attention, easily drawing said attention away from the guitars with a strikingly intense quality, the nature of which could be compared to the combination of Robbert Kok’s (Disavowed) and Erik Lindmark’s (Deeds of Flesh) vocals.

Complaints? None really. There could have been a "Chapter 6" or "Chapter 7" thrown in for good measure and the reason(s) why these song tites were chosen are of some interest. Really, what would possess them to name these songs as they did. This, however, seemed to be enough for the band to get signed to Permeated Records. Hopefully, the next release exceeds this demo's quality, quantity and brutality. I can't wait.

Yet another random dowload delivers. Repeated listens recommended.