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Endless, hellish spring of blasphemy - 85%

autothrall, June 3rd, 2009

Impiety have long been one of the greatest underdogs of the international black/death metal scene. Never compromising, never settling, never caring. Their non-partisan approach to searing black/death hybrid metal with an edge of brutal old school thrash provides them with an endless hellish spring of inspiration, so I will be blunt:

This album wants to kill you.

'Terroreign' is the sixth full-length in the band's nearly 20-year career, and it opens with an ungodly, brief diatribe before the grinding blast and scathing lead of "Vientos de Holocaust". Two minutes of playtime is all this track needs to eviscerate you, your neighbors, and all living things within a 12-block radius. "Atomic Angel Assault" sets up a nice blockade of rolling double bass and chord assault, to trap any souls who thought they could flee the opening volley. The title track follows with a venomous thrashing cut to the throat. Love the leads here! "As Judea Burns" features some blasting over thunderous distorted bass, truly hyper death metal which recalls Angelcorpse (or is it the other way around...). Though the songs grow a little longer, they maintain their infernal consistency throughout. "Bestial to the Bone" and "The Black Fuck" are veritable onslaughts of violent intensity.

There is just no weakness to what this band sets out to achieve. Surely they are not writing the most memorable riffs or 'Album of the Year' material, but they are yet again battering you in the face with a vicious bludgeon of evil. 'Terroreign' is one of their most polished efforts to date, but even despite the better production the riffs sound chunky, sick and raw. The band knows to thrash out at precisely the right time, and never bores you to tears with endless blasting. Yet they're still one of the fastest and most punishing acts you'll hear. I'd hate to be the hands of these guys...ouch.

Impiety have never put out a bad album, but this one ranks pretty highly among their wretched works, somewhere around 'Formidonis Nex Cultus' and 'Kaos Kommand 696' in quality. It's well worth checking out if you favor unrelenting assaults of godhating darkness. Burn your bible, your koran or your torah and dance in the ashes! The gates of hell have opened, Impiety has spewn forth, and WAR IS HERE.