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Murderous onslaught - 100%

ImpaletheCunt, May 9th, 2021
Written based on this version: 1999, CD, Dies Irae Productions (Digipak, Limited edition)

Why the fuck has this monumental album never been reviewed. This is a smorgasbord of South East Asian war metal chaos melted into a witch’s brew of vicious black metal that will rip your soul apart. Countless bands have followed their left-hand path with most falling well short of this bestial outburst. Battle drome studios deserves unholy praises for the most abrasive recording of the late nineties as this production redefined the phrase minimalistic. All instruments of diabolical torture feature well in the mix yet are muffled all at the same time. It is so bad ass it is fucking genius. It provides this gem of a release a quality that no other band or album has ever fucking attained. The goat pentagram must have been crafted from virgins’ blood in the nuclear bunker studio to conjure this offering of pure unholy praise. Infernal salutes on a production job masterfully done.

Now for the album itself, and we have 42 minutes of debauchery that will lay the Christian moronic tribe to waste. A decimating onslaught of blazing rhythm guitars and crushing base delivered at lightning black speed. Lead work is few and far between which is surprising given how they let loose on another hellish release of their titled Terroreign which is also strongly recommended for mandatory purchase. Die in pain under the hammer crush as the lead work pulverizes your very existence. Every weapon bone crushing in its delivery and all played at blistering pace. What a bestial album this is to behold................behead the pedophile priest and burn his rotten corpse to fucking dust as the album opener Lords of Apocalypse suffocates all hope of existence. It lays the blueprints for the rest of the release and all tracks written by the band except for the closer, titled Torment in Fire, which is a savage rendition of the might Sacrifices debut thrash metal album by the same name. Impiety like to pay their debt to thrash metal legends.

Shyaithan is the demonic mastermind of this Christian slaying band and fuck me does he crucify the lyrics. Songs are exclusively of nuclear war, Christian annihilation and demonic supremacy and man does he get my vote for mutilating all these morbid themes. Time to burn the fucking church to smoldering ashes so let the lyrics fuel your ravenous desires.

What a release to close out the nineties. This their most vicious, abrasive and raw effort ever recorded. Impiety are the Godz amongst gods and like the fires of Valhalla May this album stoke the fires of hell eternal.

Satan is diabolically fucking pleased as this release is criminally underrated!!!!!!

Countrymen Surrender of divinity, Infernal Execrator and Nechbeyth must also be praised for carrying the mayheic torch of decimation well into the 21st century.

If you buy you will Fucking die!!!!!!!!!!