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Torment In Fire!! - 82%

ANGELRIPPER89, January 5th, 2006

This is, in my opinion at least, one of the best black/death releases I've listened to. The sound here is pretty unique in is own right, but I hear a lot of ANGEL CORPSE influences there. Some touches of BATHORY, SODOM, SARCOFAGO are pretty easy to hear too.

Oh my god, this is brutal. Not like all those gothenburgers death metal bands or overfast grindgay noise, more like SARCOFAGO's I.N.R.I. or SEPULTURA's Morbid Visions. The album moves at high speed most of the time and leaves you no time to breath, with headbanging riffs!! Yeah, there are some catchy shit here, especially in Torment In Fire who is surprisingly a very good thrasher.

The production though isn't that good. The drums are okay, nothing to make me crazy or something, the bass is kinda inexistant (kinda normal for this kind of music...) but the guitars have a straightforward and really sharp sound. The riffs roar like buzzsaw, while the black/thrash vocals smash your head. As aforementionned, the production isn't at its best. In the track Nocturnized there are some phaser-feedback in the verse that sound very bad if you ask me. Except that, the rest is merely okay.

Overrall, it's a pretty damn good album. Any black/thrash fan would like it, though it's pretty hard to get in. The songs aren't easy to differ that much and the drums are sometimes silly (not like on Kaos Kommand 696 though) and become uninspired. But where the album take its forces it's with its breakdown and thrashy riffs, damn they're AWESOME!! The chorus in Sodomythical Frostgoats is catchy as FUCK. I cannot help but headbang during this track... also there's a really nice in the ending of Ironflames Of Hate that kills a lot too. The aforementionned Torment In Fire is propably the highlight here, fucking slays. Sounds like SACRIFICE/DARK ANGEL with some touches of SARCOFAGO/SEXTRASH.

The vocals are pretty the another higher point here. There aren't like other death/black metal band. No stupid low-growls or indicepherable black/war metal screams, they sound more like blackened thrash shrieks, which is something very original and cool.

Now, the highlights... like I said, Torment In Fire is pretty the best song here, no doubt. It doesn't sound the other songs, it's more controlled. Also, the opening track, Lords Of Apokalypse shred the fuck out of me. Another great stuff could be Sodomythical Frostgoats. The other songs are also good, but those stick up more.

If you like your black metal to be deathrashy, this is for you. Not for the weaks of heart or something, this is pure retentless savage assault of extreme metal.