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An Eastern hail to the Goat - 85%

Pestbesmittad, October 28th, 2007

Arrrggghhh! This EP features two totally venomous and blasphemous black/death metal tracks in the early 90s tradition. Compared to the demo, the production on this EP is a lot better. The guitar and bass no longer form an impenetrable wall of sound, in fact the guitar sound is very clean so understanding the riffs is no problem at all. The bass can still be heard but it’s a bit further back in the mix this time. It also sounds like the guitars have been recorded through a flanger effect.

Musically were once again talking stuff in the vein of Beherit and Blasphemy but there’s also a touch of early Sarcophago and early Profanatica in there. The music sounds more structured and thought out than on the demo but it could also be that this is due to the much clearer production. The vocals are a bit different from the demo, a sort of high-pitched growling. I’d say these vocals are more “standard” for this type of music and not as insane and over the top as those on the demo but there’s nothing wrong with them either, trust me. Looking at the song titles, you can see that the band have lost none of their blasphemous attitude since the demo: “Cuntblasphemy... Paganistic Bitchgoddess Deiimpalation” and “Magick-consecration Goatsodomy”... nice, eh? If the band’s demo left you wanting more of the same, “Salve the Goat... Iblis Exelsi” will give you just that. This is straightforward and aggressive stuff all the way, appealing to the primitive instincts of the human psyche. If the demo was an all out explosion, this is EP shows Impiety refining their approach somewhat while still staying true to their roots and the legions of hell. By the way, this EP was included as a bonus on the Drakkar version of “Skullfucking Armageddon”.