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Anti-Jewish Death Metal Supremacy! - 90%

chaossphere, April 1st, 2005

WOAH! This album launched itself right out of the speakers and ripped my damn head off. Actually, it does that every time I listen to it. Impiety’s evolution from a raw black metal buzz into a death metal powerhouse has been somewhat quicker than some bands who’ve taken the same path – in fact, they made the jump with both feet on the previous album, Kaos Kommand 696. However, that album was plagued by an overly chaotic, thick sound which made a lot of the riffing difficult to distinguish. Paramount Evil, on the other hand, has the perfect production for this style: dry, well-separated sheets of guitar and bass overlaying snappy, punchy drums, with no one instrument dominating the mix. Add to this a massive increase in technical proficiency courtesy of the entire old lineup being replaced by the entire Hacavitz crew, and you have an album which simply decimates all in its path.

The first two songs – Sunrise Defloration and Carbonized – both blast along like nuclear warfare, shitloads of tempo changes, lightning-fast blasting and bestial multilayered vocal vomits – while the album’s lyrical content substitutes the usual “rargh warfukkinggoatsodomy” invective with a sick fixation on human cruelty. This is a major improvement, since instead of fantasy visions of right-hand-path devil worship, we get studies of such lovely events and personas as the Nanjing Massacre, World War II, Vlad Tepes and Caligula. There’s also plenty of anti-judaic sentiments to befuddle the politically correct types, particularly in Carbonized – really, no one’s going to mistake lines like “we hail the wanton brutality – anti-jewish supremacy!” as belonging in a sympathetic account of the Holocaust – and Adonai Made Excrement. Add to this the artwork – mostly consisting of ovens, mass graves and the gates of Auschwitz proudly displayed under the CD tray, not to mention a blueprint map of the camp on the back cover – and it becomes fairly obvious Impiety are making no plans to tour Israel any time soon.

Overall, this album is far more likely to appeal to fans of death metal than the black metal that Impiety are known for. Aside from a few high-end tremolo riffs and Shyaithan’s usual midrange rasp – punctuated by occasional deep growls - this is pure precise brutality, a razor-sharp assault on the senses permeated with a nearly epic feel on some songs. Anyone who appreciates their death metal extreme yet melodic and skillfully delivered will have absolutely no trouble trashing their room to the sound of Paramount Evil.

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