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A rusty bayonet of metal in your side - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, December 20th, 2004

With the metric ton of bands out there defining themselves to one category and not going out on there own it’s a breath of toxic decaying air to hear the battle cry’s of the mighty Impiety. In the likes of bands like Destroyer 666 and Bloodstorm, Impiety delivers some aggressive, destructive, and straight forward metal right down your throat. Combining aspects of thrash and death metal they separate themselves away from all the other clone bands performing your run of the mill death metal. Impiety’s newest full length Paramount Evil arrives just in time to impale a rusty bayonet of aggressive hate filled metal right in your heart were you feel it. Paramount Evil will makes its mark on you then leave you wasted.

Paramount Evil has so much going throughout the album. While each song is done in respects to the last, creating a consistent and aggressive feel to the entire album, each song offers up elements of thrash and death metal. The typical Paramount evil song with have your thrash style riffs which are aggressive, brutal, and fast. The Majority of the riffs will be your thrash/death style riffs that are very fast and range from brutal and aggressive to technical. The sheer range of the riffs alone make this album great. Reign The Vulture showcases a great thrash style intro riff that morphs into death/thrash riff by making it lighting fast when the vocals kick in. On Pillars Of Perversion the song slows down to spotlight a technical thrash style riff similar to Sodom’s stuff. Sunrise Declaration starts off with a killer battle style riff that is full of power and aggression, its fits into the song as a precursor for the destruction to come. With Paramount evil more full of aggressive, brutal, and technical riffs than Sodom and Coroner combined its an added bonus that Impiety know how to structure a song to make them sound as destructive and aggressive as possible, but also managing to have all the instruments (vocals included) morph into one solid sound.

What makes Impiety and Paramount Evil great is the bands ability to play so well together and produce a music that sounds unified. The production of the album is top notch making each instrument very distinguishable, but during the segments of each song where Shyaithan delivers fast screaming vocals over grindingly brutal riffs and fast pounding drumming Impiety sounds like one machine delivering the music. The structure and placement of each note is so well orchestrated that it is easy to get lost in the sound of Paramount evil and focus less on each individual instrument. The unified sound is one of aggression and hatred that focuses on being brutal, but finds time to include technical segments. On the song Might Impiety the band switches back and forth from their unified sound to technical riff oriented segments of the song, making it more interesting to listen to. With its unified sound, Paramount Evil is one of the most consistent and straight forward death/thrash metal albums out there.

Paramount Evil has many other great aspects sprinkled throughout the album. From machine gun affects over slow paced guitars to spoken word placed over battle riffs, that album is full of a destructive atmosphere. The vocals are delivered fast and without hesitation in a loud and harsh fashion. Many fast and epic solo’s are found in the middle of songs and also closing certain songs, like Sunrise Declaration. Paramount Evil is the answer for alternatives for bands like Destroyer 666 and the solution for an album that doesn’t follow any rules and isn’t afraid to take no prisoners. If your looking for a destructive, aggressive, fast, and original album then you have found it with Paramount evil. The only downside of the album is that certain parts are much better than others, making some of the album sound like filler. But this isn’t often enough to make Paramount Evil anything less than great.