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Fun. - 78%

Noktorn, May 3rd, 2009

This is a rather angry album; it's not fond of slowing down with an acoustic passage or some clean female vocals and I don't think there are ANY songs at all about respecting the environment! Despite all this, though, it's quite a fun album; Impiety plays an excruciatingly brutal style of black/death metal which never holds any impulse to back down for even a moment. This is the perfect album for those who think that brutality is only stupid when absent; it has no subtlety or complexity to it, but it's very satisfying music.

'Paramount Evil' is dominated by ultra-fast blasting and hellish tremolo riffs, surrounded by a rather Ihsahnesque vocal performance. I detect a little bit of influence from more obscure death/grind artists like Blood and Cianide, but the primary feel of this is based off of modern black and death metal bands. The black metal influence is certainly Norsecore-leaning; Belëf immediately comes to mind, as does Marduk and Dark Funeral, but the death metal isn't quite as easy to pinpoint, reflecting an older style of grinding death metal (perhaps Nembrionic?) which isn't quite as popular anymore.

Impiety's music is rather grinding and static; there's not a great deal of variation in riffing or tempo, but it makes up for these deficiencies in the absolute fury with which everything is played. Beyond that most generic of compliments, however, this has an insidious breed of catchiness about it, particularly in the more imaginative vocal and guitar rhythms on tracks like 'Carbonized' which really stick to your brain. The music never really drags despite the rather lengthy (at times) tracks and overall the album has a good sense of pacing which keeps you interested throughout.

This isn't particularly remarkable, but it's fun music that I enjoy listening to despite its overall lack of creativity. Some of the more unique influences make this a slightly different album to listen to; it sort of sounds like it should have come out in the late '90s, but it has all the technical intensity of production values of something from later years. If you enjoy blasting black/death and aren't a stickler for atmosphere and progression, you might as well try this; maybe 'fun' is the wrong word for music like this, but it's the only one I can think of.