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Interesting thrash/black/death. Just that. - 65%

Anaktas, February 15th, 2008

Singapore's Impiety return with "Kaos Kommand 696" (KK696). What have we here? One could say, skullcrushing hellish thrash/black/death metal. I do not disagree, cause it is true that whoever buys this album, he will definitely enjoy fast and "phat"guitar playing, merciless blastbeats, screams, roars and a damn clear production that allows the listener to enjoy some good headbanging action. There is speed and brutality, tireless drumming, and the limited edition includes a very nice Blasphemy cover ("Goddess of perversity") and an enjoyable Sexthrash one ("Black church"). To make a picture of their music, try to imagine death/thrash music, black metal shrieks, "florida-death-metal" polished production, and Blasphemy-like (I mean the band) song construction.

So far, so good. However, the big problem with KK696 is that the songs cannot be separated. I mean that you can cut a riff from a song and easily paste it to another, without disturbing the riff-flow of both songs. That's a big drawback to my mind, considering the fact that Impiety are very promising and talented. I am sure that if they put some inspiration in their albums, they will release must-haves. 'till then, though, they will be just a nice choice for every headbanger who enjoys good extreme metal. A choice that after a few plays in our cd-players, will be quickly forgotten.

Uh...GRRRRRR!!!! - 76%

Snxke, January 28th, 2005

ROOOOOOOOOAR! RAAAAAAAAAARGH! BLAAAAAAAAARGH! These three sounds may make up the entire recorded history of Impiety. While this may seem like a bad thing, it's really not. This well produced bash-fest from the boys in Singapore hammers and rages like a tank rolling over a nursery at full speed ahead. Nobody does what Impiety does better than Impiety so there is little use in trying to control this chaos by calling it anything but. Impiety bash, crash and slam their blackened hellroar like few others before or since could muster. If you don't like total warfare in your music, there is no better band than Impiety. If you need your music to need not look at Impiety.

Some key moments on this slab of death include the brutal "Apokalyptic Nuklear Battlebeasts", "Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit", and the rather impressive title track. One could argue that pointing out these songs matters little as it "all sounds the same" but subtle moments of difference can be heard here and there and make a very impressive war-blast to destroy yourself to. It may not be higher art...but it's most certainly the most violent thing on the market. It's possibly here nor there...but it's brutal to the core.

Singapore's favorite sons have done the best any band could do with this sound. If you like unrelenting war-blasts and death on two legs this is THE CD for you. I support Impiety for what they do...even if what they do is something one cannot handle on a regular basis.

WAR!!!! - 99%

samme, March 1st, 2004

Thrashing black/death in the name of War!!! The three beasts of Impiety brings kaos all the way from the Republic of Singapore – who would have guessed that? This band has been around since the beginning of the 90’s and this record is their third to date. Every song delivers real intense, chaotic extreme metal that just fucking kills! Really fast drums (could be compared to Morbid Angel), great guitar-riffs and solos together with furious screams. Battlesongs like for example “Christfuckingchrist”, “Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts”, “Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit” (this track has additional vocals by Ustumallagam from Denial of God) and “Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!” totally brings destruction! These maniacs really shows quality and speed in their dark work. Great production and for some reason recorded in Malmö, Sweden… Limited edition digipack and vinyl version has two bonustracks, covers on Sexthrash’s “Black Church” and Blasphemy’s “Goddes of Perversity”.