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Mighty Impiety, Satanic Victory! - 45%

HanSathanas, April 29th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2008, 2CD, Pulverised Records

Shyaithan is a very hardworking fellow. There is not a single hint that he is going to give up writing songs for Impiety that he has established since the late eighties (if you count Sexfago in the equation). But this compilation is a complete waste of money if not for the only new track ‘Dominion 18’ which, taken on its own, is actually very enjoyable.

The problem I have with this compilation is obviously none other than the choice of tracks. Except for ‘Dominion 18’ (and the often useless intro), the rest of the songs are those I have listened to from prior releases. I am expecting a bunch of tracks consisting primarily of unreleased materials, outtakes, B-side, or even remixes for that matter. But no, this two-disc offering has none of that. To make it worse, songs that appear on this compilation are way too compressed especially those taken from past releases beginning with the world-renown ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’, ‘Kaos Kommand 696’ and the groundbreaking ‘Paramount Evil’ (I consider the latter as such because it is the record where Impiety actually perfected their newfound style). Other than that, the packaging is lovely though. Super jewelcase is massive and I really like it but taking care of the whole thing is really a pain in the ass simply because there is no replacement readily sold on the market if you broke the housing! Anyway, the liner notes written by yours truly is also interesting to read. The part where Shyaithan lambasted ‘lazy assholes’ is especially very well understood by me because if you know how Malay people generally are, then you too would be having a good laugh while reading it. It has to be read according to its intended context before you can begin to comprehend what Shyaithan is trying to say.

Now, let’s go back to that one track, the sole saving grace that prevents this compilation from getting an absolute zero. ‘Dominion 18’ starts off with the drummer blasting on the snare before the rest of the instruments come rushing in like a hail of bullets. The riffs are viciously amazing albeit played at rather slow speed. This song exemplifies Impiety’s foray into the death thrash territory beginning with ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’, and then pushed the envelope a little bit further with ‘Kaos Kommand 696’ before Shyaithan and co finally perfected the approach on ‘Paramount Evil’. This song simply slays thanks to the distillation process based on those three albums. Perhaps the song’s seven-minute runtime is an attempt at being progressive that will later manifest itself in the form of ‘Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny’. It is not appropriate to term ‘Dominion 18’ as a rather charming song given all the shits that Shyaithan and Impiety have gone through over the years, but such is the effect it has on me whenever I listen to it. The lyric tells a tale of the band’s journey spanning over 18 years in existence, figuratively trampling on everything deemed holy and weak while honoring those who stand strong in support of Impiety’s irreverent crusade across the globe. Yep. Shyaithan is not known for subtleties.

‘Conflagration, their idols burn
Doctrines and temples strictly overturned
March across continents
Deliverance of evil
Irreligious intent
My Infernal Legacy
Remembered by gladiators who triumph with me
Wrath without any end
Mighty Impiety! Satanic victory!!’

Hell yeah, those words give me chills each time I sing along to it while trying my best to imitate Shyaithan’s blasphemous rasps. Victory indeed, as Impiety continues to ravage and conquer the world to this very day. Thank you Impiety for creating vicious music one material after another. But this compilation sucks though. I would recommend people buying ‘Vengeance Hell Immemorial’ instead since the latter contains better tracks complete with rarities and previously unheard materials. This compilation is only for the die-hard of fans. For casual listeners who have yet to listen to Impiety, 18 Atomic Years Satanniversary may be a place to start, but not a good one for sure.