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Its About Time - 93%

hellhippie, August 2nd, 2008

Live Impetigo ! I can't believe it , what its been like 18 years that this has been overdue . Since the release of Ultimo Mondo Canibale a proper live release should have been released but hey why the bitching here it is . Recorded in Illinois in 2007 this one is a keeper .

The sound quality here is truly fucking amazing which is first noticeable right off the bat . Opening with Maggots this one takes you back to the days when twisted disgusted sick death metal was a rarity and there is a reason these guys are the undisputed early champs . Heavy thick guitar is spewed by Mark and Scott in true "fuck it if we fuck up fashion " and will just bring a tear to your eye when hearing it . Especially evident in "Breakfast At the Manchester Morgue" a personal favorite of mine it retains all of it's true late 80's and early 90's disgust while being recorded 20 years later . The few misplayed notes just adds to the greatness that was and is Impetigo . This is when music was real and this always unique band does it perfectly as always .

Dan's drumming and Stevo's deep but ultra clean bass always made for a one of a kind sound . It hasn't changed in what seems like forever which is absolutely amazing . Ultra sick vocals are force fed to you by Stevo's one of a kind voice which almost sounds perfectly matched for the Horror of the Zombies album still hasn't changed either . UNREAL is an understatement . This is one hell of a live album that was long long overdue .

The intros on here are left unedited for that true live feel and you almost feel as if you are there when hearing it . Most averaging over two minutes each and some reaching four minutes the always talkative and entertaining Stevo gets out everything and then some on this which i happen to find almost as twisted as the music itself . Some just pull you in as the crown yells with the intro to I work for the street cleaner " I'm the baddest motherfucker you ever saw man" , trust me it adds to the genuine feel of how exited this band was to play and the fans were to see them after a long long time . Thankfully the intros on the cd are broken down into separate tracks so you can skip them and get right to the music as intros this long will get a bit redundant after a while i'm sure for most . Like i said it adds to the feel of this great live album .

Songs from all of their masterpieces are present as Ultimo Mondo Canibale , Horror of the Zombies , and even the Giallo demo tracks are played . A perfect mix of all their classics .To quote Stevo "this is an old one but aren't they all?". No , they aren't old anymore because these live versions bring it all back to everyone just like me who has worshiped this band since the eighties . It's about fucking time ! Buy this you will not be disappointed .