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The Wizards of Gore came back - 100%

gk, August 20th, 2008

Impetigo formed back in 1987 and through a series of demos, EPs and just two full length albums built up the very definition of a cult following in the metal underground. The bands DIY aesthetic was always its biggest charm and I’ve been a diehard fan for a while now. Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust documents the bands reformation gig for one night only at the Central Illinois Metalfest, 2007 on the 20th anniversary of the bands first ever live show.

The live album basically collects just about every fan favourite and forgotten classic the band has ever written and comes at the listener in a completely unedited format. The sixty seven minutes on offer here is basically the entire show including the intros, Stevo complaining to the venue organizers about technical difficulties and generally chatting with the crowd and is pretty much what you’d expect an Impetigo live album to be like.

Listing highlights off the album is a bit redundant because this is Impetigo. For those of you who have never heard the band it’s a clear case of spirit and enthusiasm over actual talent. The songs are basic punk fuelled death metal anthems that are propelled along by a strong central riff and the occasional punk/ grindcore section. The playing is inconsistent and not all the members of the band are always on the same page here. At the same time for the fans, this is just one long list of classics. Maggots, Dis-Organized, Revenge of the Scabby Man, I Work for the Street Cleaner, Staph Terrorist, Bloody Pit of Horror, Mortado and Dear Uncle Creepy are all present and accounted for and Kam Lee steps up as guest on the pulverizing Boneyard. Each song has a long intro from Stevo and occasionally it’s longer than the actual song but it all works in giving the listener the feeling that he was actually present for the show. This is especially highlighted when the entire crowd shouts out the intro to I Work for the Streetcleaner. A definite goose bumps moment.

I normally try to be as objective as possible in my reviews but I can’t be objective here. When I saw there was a new Impetigo album my immediate emotion was pure unadulterated joy. When I heard it, that emotion didn’t go away. Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust is absolutely essential for fans of the band and the rest of you don’t really matter.

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Its About Time - 93%

hellhippie, August 2nd, 2008

Live Impetigo ! I can't believe it , what its been like 18 years that this has been overdue . Since the release of Ultimo Mondo Canibale a proper live release should have been released but hey why the bitching here it is . Recorded in Illinois in 2007 this one is a keeper .

The sound quality here is truly fucking amazing which is first noticeable right off the bat . Opening with Maggots this one takes you back to the days when twisted disgusted sick death metal was a rarity and there is a reason these guys are the undisputed early champs . Heavy thick guitar is spewed by Mark and Scott in true "fuck it if we fuck up fashion " and will just bring a tear to your eye when hearing it . Especially evident in "Breakfast At the Manchester Morgue" a personal favorite of mine it retains all of it's true late 80's and early 90's disgust while being recorded 20 years later . The few misplayed notes just adds to the greatness that was and is Impetigo . This is when music was real and this always unique band does it perfectly as always .

Dan's drumming and Stevo's deep but ultra clean bass always made for a one of a kind sound . It hasn't changed in what seems like forever which is absolutely amazing . Ultra sick vocals are force fed to you by Stevo's one of a kind voice which almost sounds perfectly matched for the Horror of the Zombies album still hasn't changed either . UNREAL is an understatement . This is one hell of a live album that was long long overdue .

The intros on here are left unedited for that true live feel and you almost feel as if you are there when hearing it . Most averaging over two minutes each and some reaching four minutes the always talkative and entertaining Stevo gets out everything and then some on this which i happen to find almost as twisted as the music itself . Some just pull you in as the crown yells with the intro to I work for the street cleaner " I'm the baddest motherfucker you ever saw man" , trust me it adds to the genuine feel of how exited this band was to play and the fans were to see them after a long long time . Thankfully the intros on the cd are broken down into separate tracks so you can skip them and get right to the music as intros this long will get a bit redundant after a while i'm sure for most . Like i said it adds to the feel of this great live album .

Songs from all of their masterpieces are present as Ultimo Mondo Canibale , Horror of the Zombies , and even the Giallo demo tracks are played . A perfect mix of all their classics .To quote Stevo "this is an old one but aren't they all?". No , they aren't old anymore because these live versions bring it all back to everyone just like me who has worshiped this band since the eighties . It's about fucking time ! Buy this you will not be disappointed .