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Aural Masterpiece... - 100%

DEATHPORTAL, July 8th, 2013

There are moments in time, whether great or small, where the moments will be still, the hours are lonesome, and we have nowhere to look but within. Throughout these introspective journeys, the ego is veiled and thoughts whisper truths of the heart and mind. These may be the core energy of our being; an extension of all life cloaked behind our bodies and world-weary false sense of self. To capture such abstract complexities, in a snapshot if you will, is no easy feat yet. However, throughout human existence, it has been proven achievable through some of mankind's greatest works of art. In March of 2013, Imperium Dekadenz contributed Meadows Of Nostalgia, once again tapping into the well of life; the things that exist not in front of us but those from within.

Following up 2010's Procella Vadens, Imperium Dekadenz has released what very well may be the most gorgeous black metal ever composed. From start to finish, Meadows Of Nostalgia is stunningly executed, an aural landscape of majestic and epic proportions. The album cascades sound with poetry. Themes of one's spirit trying to make sense of the shadows of consciousness and emotions are eloquently laid out before the listener.

While this album is deeply thought-provoking and heavy in its use of darkness, it is also very soothing. Not straying far from a traditional black metal sound, Meadows Of Nostalgia possesses a very progressive quality. It tends to keep the same mid tempo pace throughout and is interlaced with some acoustic and slower atmospheric passages. There are also some very nice sound samples buried within, most notably a campfire that burns as the song "Striga" fades out, that lend a meditative path for the listener to fully digest the album as it continues forth. The song structures rely heavily on building to a climax, but very gently as the songs tend to be longer in length, adding to the overall atmosphere and mystic of the record.

Stand out tracks on Meadows Of Nostalgia include "Aue der Nostolgie", "Aura Silvae", and "Tranen des Bacchus". This is an important album. Imperium Dekadenz has forged not only a black metal treasure to be added to your collection, but a work of art worthy of withstanding the test of time.
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