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Not amazing, but still nice - 75%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

I wouldn’t call a 23 minutes long CD “full length”, but since most of the songs are +/- 2 minutes long (only 1 reaches 3 minutes) and there are 10 different songs here, let it be. I.R. play Bay Area oriented Thrash and have their own style of songwriting, mixing rough vocals a la’ early Metallica with high screams, with most of the time fast and sharp Speed Metal riffs on the background. The sound is raw, but you can hear everything greatly. It’s not too technical and boring, but not minimalistic stuff and the musicians know how to write riffs that don’t sound worn out.

Bands like RTL-era Metallica, Overkill and probably “The Force”-period Onslaught come to mind while listening to this CD, but IR have their own touch and don’t sound like another clone project. I think that IR would sound better if only the rough vocals were used, since the other voice here sounds annoying to my ears. Still – there’s much potential here and it’s not really bad.