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Imperial Dusk - Satanic Emperor - 78%

InGraveChaos, November 23rd, 2012

Out from the south, Brazil hails the holy black metal band Imperial Dusk. Tropical climates didn't matter to this horde to bring northern coldness upon a disc called Satanic Emperor. What we have here is a typical early Immortal influenced black metal album. With lyrics about northern gods, forests, journeys and coldness. And of course the music which is similar to Pure Holocaust. Although the music is similar to Immortal, Imperial Dusk differs on some areas.

The most used vocals on this album are pretty high pitched screams. But there are some lower grunts, spoken vocals and even some whispers too. This variation complements the music, because it gives at times rest from the high pitched vocals which can become a bit annoying if they continue on too long. The guitars are a bit shrill in sound. And a riff never repeats more than two times and doesn't come back more than two times in the song. Sometimes the songs sound a bit unstructured but overall they flow pretty fluently. Most guitar riffs are melodic and at fast pace but don't create an intense atmosphere, though it feels cold. The second track, The Frozen Call, has after the opening riff a quite melancholic riff which sets a gloomy mood. But that doesn't last long before you are taken again by the fast paced guitars and drums. This happens quite a few times on the album. Sometimes breaks in the music should last longer for making some atmosphere.

This album is full of fast paced shrill black metal. The bass can be heard pretty well which go with the melody of the guitar and the drums just go on and do their thing. For the style the band aimed for they succeeded pretty well. Though a bit more time for atmosphere and gloomy moods could be appreciated. But this is probably a matter of taste.