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Could be so good but came out so mehh - 50%

robin2220, August 27th, 2008

Just like the name of the band, this album is a mouthful. Just like reviewers before me, this could of been a lot better. Never before has a black metal album sent chills down my spine like this one. The problem is, the shivers were out of a desire to hear something much better then what was there.

The music is cold as the frosty glaciers, but it has no direction or real point. The structures fall flat and the songs become very stale. The vocals lack the power needed to hold the music together. The drumming is fast and spot on, but lackluster in diversity. The guitars are well mapped and played out, but they have no direction. The bass is no better, and the lyrics themselves aren’t anything to jump about. Every song sounds the same and the album turns into a borefest with few redeeming qualities.

It’s hard for me to write a lot on things I don’t love or things that make me squeal as if I was a little girl again. Never have I heard anything that was completely nailed in the average. It is not bad, because it is a solid piece of work and musicians are talented in their field. It is not amazing or even good because it’s so lackluster of any inspiration.

There is so much potential here. I hope if they make another release they show that potential.