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Could've been loads better - 75%

boprobe, June 28th, 2008

All in all, this album is just OK. The concept (full blown black metal brutality) is definitely present throughout the album, but it tends to get one sided. The vocalist surely doesn't help, with his mono-tone barking over the whole thing. He has his moments, like on the end of track 9 he almost does a low howl, but not quite. They sound good, especially how they are laid on top of the music, but could use some extra balls here and there. There are definitely good spots and rough spots. For instance, tracks 6 and on are a really interesting listen, while the whole rest of the first half of the album seems forced. Some riffs are like, "woah dude, that's friggin' awesome!" While others are like, "woah dude, fast forward. This riff really sucks and they keep playing it."

This album is good and very brutal (and on track 7, melodic), but definitely could get better if a few things were changed. The way the vox are done rhythmically sounds really interesting, as if they were chanting in black metal-ness. If only that singer could get a little variation, then he would be awesome. Most of the riffs are really cold and brutal. If only they cut out those weird crappy riffs in the first half that don't fit. The drums are fast, vicious, and well-handled. If only they could write a song at a different tempo than "lightning." The funny thing is, all of the sameness is purged right before track 6 and the rest is much more interesting. I would definitely recommend this album to someone into more brutal black metal, but I would be more interested to see what they will come out with next, as it will likely be more mature than this album.