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Good, But Could've Been A Lot Better - 68%

MikeyC, May 24th, 2008

Even the absolute haters of this band can’t deny they have a decent theme going – ice, white, winter, cold, etc. The white cloaks and masks definitely help the listener understand what they want you to imagine when you spin their debut album “Apocalyptic End In White.” I’m very much a fan of the type of look they’re going for, despite me being indifferent to make-up and corpsepaint and all that sort of stuff.

It comes as a real shame that this album does not have anything “cold” about it. Most of the album is a real assault of speed and precision, crushing the listener with brutality and speed. Unfortunately, that’s all it is. Fast and crushing. The drumming is mostly blasting away over semi-simplistic guitar riffs, which are definitely black metal in their delivery. This basically covers every song on the album, and there are no interludes (except the minute-long intro) that can give you a break or convey the theme of winter or coldness. It’s a real shame that the music is so structured and one-dimensional because every member of this band is definitely capable of their respective roles.

Not all the album is bad, though: The beginning of “Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime” is a slower beast, before going into the blasting, speeding norm. “Cascade Cavern Catharsis” seems to be a more melodic song, despite it still delivering plenty of speed. The guitar riffing in the chorus on that song is perhaps the best, or at least an above-average, on the album.

The vocalist is a talented and important member of this band, and his style very much fits their style musically. There are a lot of vocals in this album, which is a bit of a disappointment, because it would’ve been nice to hear an extended piece of instrumentation, or even an instrumental track. He could’ve been much worse, though, so it’s not that bad that it retracts from the quality of the rest of the album. The lyrics, while there is a lot of rhyming, are quite good, which is (once again) a pity that the music doesn’t reflect their message properly.

There are good and bad qualities to be found here. The band members are more than capable of using their instruments (or voice), and they deliver plenty of speed. The production is also quite clear, so all members can be heard properly. However, the songs are all similar in structure, tempo, and intensity, which means you will hear similar things throughout the album, particularly the second half, where some of you are waiting for it to end or for the music to give you something different and fresh. It’s not the worst, and in fact it can be very enjoyable. I just hope they can do more, if they release another album.

Best tracks: Astral Frost Invocation, Upheaving The Ancient Thirst, Cascade Cavern Catharsis