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Frostbite from Maryland - 100%

Dantalian616, December 23rd, 2006

Hailing from the most frostbitten, desolate, void of Maryland, Imperial Crystalline Entombment have unleashed this agonizing work of pure frost. The only way to even begin to describe "Apocalyptic End in White," would be to start with diversity. This entire album has some of the most diverse, and unique, structures that black metal has to offer. Lyrically I.C.E. are cold, and bitter, yet catching in the rhythms. I.C.E. have taken the frozen darkness of black metal to a more extreme, and aggressive level. To accompany the phenomenal lyrical structures, the vocals pierce through like artic hatred. The dual vocals, death metal, black metal combination, on "Hypothemic Possession," is just violent, hateful, and cold. The brutal kick off of "Astral Frost Invocation," surges adrenaline through me, igniting my hatred like an explosion of freezing wrath.

My next piece of admiration is for the sick, fast drumming. I prefer war influenced black metal, so I generally enjoy blast beats, grinding guitars, and blackend, grim, vocal assaults. The drums on this cd, are a whirlwind of snowblinding, malice. The double kicks at points are so fast I can't believe that someone is really playing it. Beats on this work have everything; lightning blast beats, precise fills, heavy as fuck breakdowns, etc.

Finally the orchestrations of bitter disgust. First I would like to say hail, for down tuning. It seems like a lot of U.S.B.M. bands are afraid to stray from standard E tuning. Amazing guitar work here as well. At times strongly reminding me of "Panzer Division..." era Marduk. This not being bad though. The wide range of atmospheres that I.C.E.'s guitars create leave each moment of this cd flowing without getting boring. Much like the vocals, the guitars are extremely structured well. The tightness of the two guitars are superior. Perfectly arranged, and alligned. Winter has a new set of demons representing the icy, frost. Watch your back Immortal, Imperial Crystalline Entombment have emerged from a darker, more frostbitten, realm. "Apocalyptic End in White," is a definite for any collector of elite, top notch, black metal.