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wow, this is heavy !!! - 92%

s_plissken, March 26th, 2004

Impelliteri has done a gerat job with this one. Heavy as hell. Graham's voice suits perfect and has sung heavier than ever (listen to Uited We Stand's last chorus and you'll see...).
The songs are hard-heavy based but the production makes this album sound heavier than a normal Impelliteri release.
Chris has improved a lot in his playing, now he is faster and more accurate, wich I prefer, rather than the sloppy playing you found in the great Stand In Line.
I really like this album, and while Rob Rock is a great singer, Graham holds a place in my metal heart difficult to occupy.
The riffage is classical 80's with a very angry attitude, wich suits perfectly the production. It sounds like Chris was really angry with the world, maybe the music labels didn't treat him right...
A great heavy album, with one of the best and more 'unique' singers. Check it because it smokes.

PS: The lyrics to Nightime lover are them :)