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Impaled Nazarene > Sadogoat > Reviews > morbert
Impaled Nazarene - Sadogoat

Yee-Haw! - 90%

morbert, November 10th, 2008

You now, what I really loved about Impaled Nazarene was their sense of humour. It actually defined 50% of the group and their image. Just like Venom before them here was a ‘satanic’ band being relatively ‘evil’ yet not forgetting to wink at themselves and putting up a middlefinger to everyone taking themselves way too serious.

Around “Ugra Karma” the band lost their charm for me. Their songs and albums became too serious, too polished and proffessional for my personal taste in those days. I stuck to the Taog demo, NorzNorz album and this EP. You know, when they were still fun. Maybe they’ve gotten enjoyable again on later albums, but I wouldn’t know. Now I think about it, I'll try Ugra Karma again sometime soon, see if I like it better now since I haven't heard it in 14 years I guess...

Never mind the B-side of this EP, you just know it’s all about “Ghost Riders” here! Everyone knows this song, and I firmly believe each and every one of you metal heads will love it in some version, mostly Johnny Cash or Vaughn Monroe probably. Of course this version sounds a bit underproduced and is played a bit sloppy, but all that doesn’t really matter. It is convincing and performed energetically.

I’m a real sucker for old songs like these being re-recorded by either metal or punk bands. “These Boots”, “Rawhide”, “Viva Las Vegas” and now “Ghost Riders”. I should make a compilation album to play in my car. It would be an instant success!

If you come across this EP somehow and anywhere, it doesn’t matter if you’re into black metal or not as long as you’re into metal. Just buy it! You’ll have fun! Guaranteed.