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A Must Have Collection - 97%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

This substantial collection of live tracks from the most despicable blackened band of punks in the world is quite the shitkicker. Impaled Nazarene have been annihilating listeners for quite some time now, and in doing so, they’ve amassed quite the compendium of carnal sonic chaos.

Shock value weighs heavily upon this band’s appeal, an all out Satan-worshipping, violent mob of rouges set to musically decimate all that stands in their path with thunderous black metal barrages and mosh generating punk rock inspired song parts that will jar the listeners spine with just a bang of the head.

An uncontrollable vortex of hatred manifests itself in the execution of this band’s material in the live arena, giving “Armageddon Death Squad”, “1999: Karmageddon Warriors” and “Ghettoblaster” a harsh presence that surpasses their studio incarnations in terms of pure destructive power. When Impaled Nazarene really take off live, their music harbors the impact of an eighteen-wheeler fully-loaded with napalm, racing from the bowels of hell, on a mission to plow you into the earth while incinerating everything standing for a two hundred mile radius.

Impaled Nazerene is literally that explosive in a live situation. Throughout the album’s twenty-six tracks, the band remains in “Completely fucking DESTROY” mode, shredding heads and crushing skulls like the death-tank which graces the album’s cover.

Long time fans will be in sheer satanic bliss with the release of this pulverizing platter of unabashed musical warfare. Those who have yet to seek this band out now have no fucking excuse not to do so.