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Stonking Elephantiasis Style Dogs' Bollocks - 90%

earthwormgaz, January 13th, 2009

This album really is the Dogs', its storming.

Beginning at the beginning (where else?), we've got a pretty daft intro, which tells you a lot about this band. Its tongue in cheek, and manages to be amusing and sick at the same time, just like the music. Its music with the sort of attitude you can enjoy, and laugh about, but there's no laughing at the quality on offer.

The lyrics? Daft as fuck, but covering Carcass style medical themes.
The Music? The quality of the riff writing is blinding, there's some stunners on here, lots of them. There's gore drenched solos, and lead and backing vocals combine in meaty fashion to kick your arse all over the room.

The odd moment, we get synth work or some samples which add to the atmosphere, which I find builds. You start with the daft intro, and take the band lightly, but I reckon as the quality starts to impress itself on you, you take on the subject matter more and more, and the listening experience just gets all the more intense for it. The album flows nicely, and really seems to actually take a journey of sorts in terms of its feel, which isn't the sort of compliment you'd expect to be paying a record like this.

There's not much more to say than, buy it. This is the sort of album that makes you want to bang your head, that reminds you why you love extreme metal. Yes, its Carcass worship, no, you shouldn't care about that. Did I mention you should buy this?