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Is There A Doctor In The House? - 98%

Rottrephile, November 22nd, 2002

Tri-vocal attack, excellent guitar work, flawless drumming, excellent production. Yes, this is good stuff. Granted, I am slightly inclined to give this band a good rating because they also happen to be my favorite modern band, they are well deserving of praise. This release is a departure from the The Dead Shall Dead Remain in that there has been a major injection of melody. This isn't Arch Enemy stuff though, this is more like Carcass era Necroticism making sweet sweet love with the title track off of Heartwork. Images of songs having sex aside, onwards to the review.

The Hippocritic Oath is an intro track. An eerie piano melody segueing into a spoken intro (spoken from the perspective of an insane doctor) then comes some riffage and some more spoken stuff. It ends with a screamed "Is there a doctor in the house?". Perfect intro to this album.

Dead Inside starts kicking ass at an efficient speed and only lets up to allow Andrew LaBarre to unleash a pretty wicked solo. Very catchy. Also the first signs of Heartwork-esque melody appear here at 1:03.

Next up is Raise The Stakes, a song about Impaled touring and laying waste. A more mid-paced song, but nonetheless, a good one. The solo (0:14) that starts off the song is damn good. Andrew LaBarre proved that he was a good replacement for Leon del Muerte with that solo alone. This song is also a good showcase for the three different vocal styles employed by Impaled. Granted Leon del Muerte's growl is better, Andrew makes up for this deficiency with his superior guitarwork.

Onto the highlight of this album, Operating Theatre. This one starts of with a catchy, mid-paced riff with mostly the guttural vocals of Ross Sewage. Then a gang shout "Welcome to the operating theatre!" follows into a transition riff that leads us into Sean McGrath's screams over an excellent riff. From here the song keeps kicking ass and you will undoubtedly bang your head. If not, you probably listen to Opeth so you should return to whatever form of anal sex you were having with yourself prior to listening to Impaled. A nice solo and out. Best song on the album.

Next up is Choke On It. This one is mostly fast paced from beginning to end with one big break in the middle. Sadly there is no solo here, but nonetheless, a good, straightforward song.

We Belong Dead also has a faster pace feel to it, except during the chorus which has more of a groove feel to it. Good riffs and good drumming, the back bone of all metal. This song also boasts the most solos (6) and all of being excellent. The solo at the end of the song is also very jazzy, which for some reason fits well with the song. Go figure.

The Worms Crawl In is rather unique in that it has the only keyboard section of the entire cd. I generally hate keyboards, but the section pops up for a second or two, then disappears. Well done and not intrusive. The song itself is more along the lines of We Belong Dead, complete with up beat pace and ass kicking riffs. Oh, and it has a kick ass solo that is reminiscent of Van Halen, of all people.

To Die For is pretty mid-paced and is somewhat similar to Raise The Stakes, except there are some pretty interesting guitar licks here and there. Also I must say that this song sounds very Heartwork-esque, moreso than any other song here.

To round out this album is Rest In Faeces, which is also in the same style as Raise The Stakes and To Die For. A good solo pops up at the end. Also, there is some very funny dialogue at the end of the song, something that must be heard.

Carpe Mortum is an instrumental that ends the cd with an almost funeral procession atmosphere (but not in a gay black metal way).

I bought an air guitar off of eBay for $200 just so I could play along with some of these riffs. I suggest you buy this album and do the same.