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They really don't belong dead... - 98%

Dead, January 17th, 2003

Ah yes Impaled. One of my new favorite bands. Their first cd "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" was good but really never made me get shivers and have the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But this, this right here hit the spot.

The CD starts out with a catchy as fuck instremental entitled "The Hippocritic Oath" which realy makes you want to get up and start head banging. Then the vocals start. The tri-vocal destruction is pulled off well. With the highest of the pitches being a mirror of Jeff Walker. The lowest being nice, and the middle not being so great. But still it doesnt take away much from the music. The vocals are mixed perfectly into the music, and come through great.

The guitars are down-tuned and have an amazing tone. Riffs have a good bit of variety and you will end up humming at least one throught the whole day as they just stick with you. Solos are very nice and don't repeat themselves.

Drums are placed in a just about a perfect place in the mix. Not the upmost technical of drumming but a good bit of rolls and such are placed into songs.

Lyrics are great. Some of the best out in Death Metal. The don't use harcore medical terms like Carcass but most deal with them medical things and have a good dose of humor. Very fun to read.

Carcass clones? Maybe, but who gives a shit about originality. Carcass was a great band and we shoudl welcome thoes who emulate them well, it's not an easy thing to do.

Fav. Tracks: "We belong Dead" "The Hippocritic Oath" "Choke On It"