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Dancetastical Death Groove - 98%

Cunt_Crushing_Death, May 1st, 2005

When I purchased this album, i had never heard any Impaled material before, so i didn't know what I was getting myself into. What I unwittingly opened up was a boner inducing "Pandora's Box" of death groove delight. From the first track on, I was captivated and utterly glued to my car stereo, head banging all the while.

"The Hippocritic Oath" opens up with an eerie piano tune followed by the same tune in an equally eerie guitar riff. Their "cote d' morte" is spoken next with dynamic effect, then comes the fucking neck snapping death riffs and from that moment on, I knew that this album would fucking destroy in ways I didn't know I could possibly destroy. Holy Fuck was i right.

"Dead Inside" starts off heavy as fuck and melds into groove riffs intermixing the opening rhythm throughout, at 2:17 the song opens up a whole truckload of whoop-ass cans and thoroughly beats the listener into a bloody cadaver.

"Raise the Stakes" is one of my personal favorite tracks of Impaled's career repertoire...The groove riffs in this song literally last from start to finish. A nice jazz influence solo is thrown in shortly after the song begins and melds into the lyrical domination of McGrath and Sewage. At 2:45 easily the best groove melody is introduced to the listener amid screams of pain from the impaled victims on the stakes. You will not tire of this song after 1000 listens. I know I haven't, and it has been FAR over 1000 listens for this Impaled fan.

I will not spoil the rest for those of you who have not had the privilege of owning or hearing this cd. My advice to you, is to get to your nearest metal record store or wherever you can find this cd, and fucking buy it....NOW!

Standout Tracks: All except the instrumental "Carpe Mortem"

P.S. the -2% was for this album not being fucking longer, 10 tracks of total fucking skull crushing death groove just isn't enough.