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Overrated, but still very very good. - 92%

AzzMan, February 6th, 2004

I can't bear to give this album anything higher. I love it, but honestly there ARE better albums. I'd take Lykathea Aflame or Dripping over Impaled. I really, really would.

Do you know Impaled well? No? Do you know Carcass? Yes? Do you remember Heartwork? Well, Impaled entirly fuckign stole every single thing Carcass did/were before they turned into shitrock, and fucked with it alot and changed it, AND NOW HERE THEY ARE!

I think this is possibly the safest possible thing to call "Carcass worship" fucking EVER. Hey, that ain't a bad fuckin' thing. Impaled do what they do incredibly well. Well thought riffs remeniscent of Necroticsm or Heartwork, tri-vox assault, everything checked and best yet, it and Vader got me into metal as I listen to Suidakra, right now.

Sorry to head off a bit, but I need to say one quick thing. In my review for Arcturus' compilation I mentioned the song Raudt Og Svart and one other song were contending for "Best song ever". I need to add SUidakra - Trails of Gore to that list, so any of my readers (oh wait I dont have any) know.

Back on track! Impaled helped push me into heavier music, so I must respect them for that.

When push comes to shove, most of what you'll hear here, you'll have heard before under the name "CARCASS" or "GHOUL" maybe even kind of. It's a bit recycled, some of the tracks get a bit old fast, but overall everything is very solid, and it's the best deja vu you'll ever have.