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"Impaled" Compilation Some Serious Death Metal - 98%

vargvikernes2, February 15th, 2009

When I saw an article about "The Last Gasp" in an issue of Revolver magazine, I was so intrigued by the cover art and the story behind it, about all the blood and the guts and such, that I decided if I were to buy a death metal record that month, it would be the new Impaled album. I picked it up, and it was possibly the best album I listened to for months. I became an avid fan, and little by little I amassed a sizeable collection of Impaled records. The last one I bought, a deal at eight bucks from some loser on eBay, was "Choice Cuts." If there were ever a collection of demo material and crap from early splits and EP's, it'd be "Choice Cuts."

The metal starts with Night Soil, a throwback to the split with Engorged that Impaled did at the turn of the century. It's pretty good, what with the traded off shrill and growly vocals. There's also a pretty sick pair of guitar solos at the 1:35 mark which are worth checking out. I'm glad this song was included on the album, because it is one of Impaled's better early songs. The next song, Until Death..., is also form the aforementioned split EP. It follows the same pattern as Night Soil, Despite being almost twice the length. You've got your chugging guitar riffs, fast drumming, lyrics that you can't understand without a medical license. A good song, hands down.

The next song is a Carcass cover, which is only fitting; Carcass had influenced Impaled so much, it wouldn't be fair not to cover a song; and Carneous Cacoffiny, off the album "Necroticism," is as good as any. Plus, it serves as a decent way to I Work For The Street Cleaner, an Impetigo cover from their album "Horror Of The Zombies," but also used on several of their split albums. It's a decent cover, but the album would have survived without it.

The rest of the songs come from their various demos and the split with Cephalic Carnage. Cult favorites like With Shit I Am Adorned are included, as well as personal favorites like All That Rots and Fecal Rites. It's good shit; really.

If you are a fan of Impaled, then this collection is basically a must-have; it provides an extensive view into the life of the band when they were just starting; you can see the early medical themes, the beginning of the feces material, and so forth. You can also see Ross Sewage mature from a newbie bassist/singer into death metal's Lemmy Kilmister. I would also recommend this to fans of gnarly death metal; you like Cannibal Corpse? Hit up Impaled.

The bottom line is, this compilation is detailed and comprehensive. I would hit that shit up if I were you.