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Great Black Metal - 83%

ict1523, August 27th, 2005

Immortal came back about a year later with their second album, “Pure Holocaust”. It is definitely a good album and an improvement from their first. There are still some things that could be worked on.

First of all, the production, while still poor, is much better here which is a godsend. Everything on this album is much more clear. The guitar melodies are excellent especially on “Unsilent Storms of the North Abyss” and “A Sign For the Norse Hordes to Ride”. The vocals are also much more clear, although they still sound rather weak and uninspired, almost as if Abbath were just chanting them aimlessly in a low growl.

There are also a few more complaints and that is that even though the melodies are rather good, but as a whole this just comes up to slightly above average. Many times the music almost sounds like static because the guitars are uneven with each other and playing totally different tunes and while the guitars are slow the drums pound away like crazy. This creates a somewhat incoherent sound that does sound like static sometimes. The guitars should be more aligned with one another and definitely play at a closer speed with the drums.

Other than that this is a great black metal album, still sounds a bit raw, however not as dark as “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism”. It still is dark, but instead of me feeling like I am standing in cold Nordic woods in the middle of the night, its more like evening or dawn. True black metal fans will still love this album however, and this sedon album increases my overall respect for Immortal.