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Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods - 95%

Orbitball, July 9th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Nuclear Blast (Limited edition, Digipak)

This one is a combination of 'Blizzard Beasts' (blackened thrash metal), 'At The Heart of Winter' and 'All Shall Fall'. It haa total blackened thrash vibe to the whole album and Demonaz does a good job sounding like Abbath. A definitely great album, well decidedly that, an excellent effort. They have shown us something quite fresh and not to mention DARK. But what would you expect? It's Immortal, they're notorious for music that is grim and depressing. It's cool however, because their rhythm guitar is what's so strong about them and in this release it's a bit of a raw production sound. That's what takes it back to 'Blizzard Beasts' only it's not as raw.

I liked all the songs on here, so I can't single out one and say "listen to this one" or that one. It's all encompassing the whole album. The rhythms are mostly blackened thrash metal with some clean guitar with it, hence the resemblance also to 'At the Heart of Winter'. But this release has its own vibe to it with Demonaz doing the songwriting, surpassing his tendinitis that he suffered for a while and couldn't play. He's quite immaculate on here. The leads not as good as on 'Blizzard Beasts' but let's focus on the main guitar because that's where it's the strongest. I'd have to say that he did a fantastic job and the 9 year setback with no albums out since 'All Shall Fall' what a return!

Definitely a good thing that their tempos change, but not drastically. A wholly atmospheric album. And it's great Demonaz sounds like Abbath because that's what I always liked about Immortal, their vocals. It's totally dark, but it goes with the black metal genre they play. Only their form of black metal is with thrash metal guitar. These rhythms here are totally original and immaculate. Good that Horgh is still with the band behind the set. I always liked him and Peter via Hypocrisy was guest on the bass until they can find a permanent bassist. It's awesome Immortal has been around for so long. They really have done a service to the metal community for many years now.

The best part of the album are the guitars, both rhythm and clean. You might need to bump up the volume a bit to hear the rhythms though, exactly what they're playing. That is, if you're a guitarist or just a lover of music. The rhythms go well with the music. They really smoke, rather Demonaz does. If you want to see if you'll like the album first download it on Spotify. But otherwise, get the physical CD on Amazon because this is the best work they've done in years. And great that Demonaz is fixated on the guitar, too! Support music, their music by buying the album. I'm sure you'll love what they've done here. Quite an experience to hear this one!