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Extremely Disappointing. - 5%

Reebz, March 26th, 2006

I picked this up as part of the Sons of Northern Darkness Deluxe Edition, so at least I got a kick arse cd so soften the blow. But seeing as the additional bonus is being sold separately, I feel I must warn those fans desperate to see Immortal live to stear clear of this travesty.

They are marketing this as an Official Bootleg; Nuclear Blast's way of getting around the fact it is a shit recording. I've seen 3 Immortal bootlegs; Live in Colonge (Pure Holocaust era i think...), a random live show from 2000, and now this one. I'd have to say the Colonge show is the best one of the 3, multiple camera angles, a decent sound if a little muddy (could be the wmv compression), but due to the small venue it is a great close and personal concert. You felt like you were right in there.

When does BB Kings rank... well the sound is better than the random 2000 show, but the video is not. Whilst the 2000 bootleg was from one position, it at least panned and zoomed over the stage. BB Kings is filmed entirely from one single camera with the one single frame, Ed Wood style, right at the back of the club. I used the digital zoom on my DVD player, but alas the details were just not there. As for the sound, its not bad but not great. You'll pick the songs and the words, but its just terribly average.

As a standalone release, i would advise every Immortal fan and metalhead to steer well clear of it, as the BB Kings DVD is a piss poor product.

Now that i think of it, I have 2 other separate clips, both from Inferno 2003. And they are probably the best live recordings i have seen. So as you can see, for live Immortal footage, you are better off scouring the p2p networks for whatever you can find... as this "Official Bootleg" is not even worth stealng.