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"This DVD contains raw but rare material" - 30%

MisanthropicBassist, July 4th, 2006

In all honesty, Immortal's a great metal band. One of the first black metal bands I started listening to. Yesterday I bought the digipak Sons of Northern Darkness because I hadn't seen an original copy in awhile, and I thought having the dvd would be cool. The title of this review is a disclaimer on the DVD that is shown before the menu comes up. It could be elaborated as: "This DVD's quality is shit and we should be shot for pricing the CD at an extra dollar for it, but hey, it's Immortal, they're broken-up, you're never gonna see them again live. SO DEAL WITH IT!" Good thing Abbath said they were getting back together.

The DVD sucked. I was extremely unimpressed. It was vile. Disgusting. It looked like something that had just passed through the system of a sick old woman.

Naw I'm kidding, that might be a little too harsh. But not by much.

I'm not really going to say anything more than the other reviews before mine. The camera sucked, being at the same point in the back of the venue the whole time. That's what really got me. I'd agree that it was just a cash grab by Nuclear Blast. They play an ok assortment of songs though. 2 from Damned In Black, 1 from At The Heart Of Winter, but 4 from Sons Of Northern Darkness. I understand it was too support their new album, but having more variety would've been better.

I actually didn't find the sound that bad. What else do you expect for an "official bootleg, cash grabbing, piece of shit DVD that's only microphone was on the camera the concert was captured on?". At least you could hear that frozen tone that has been apart of Immortal since the beginning. The bass was inaudible. The vocals were hard to distinguish i.e. I didn't know when Abbath was speaking English or Norwegian in between songs.

I hope whoever ran the camera, and their families, are hit by a truck driver shipping out Nuclear Blast goods. Then we'll see how much cash they'll be trying to grab with a lawsuit on their hands. No zoom, no movement, when it went out of focus I was PISSED. At the beginning of the concert me and my friend were having trouble deciding who was Abbath and Saroth, considering you couldn't tell the difference in face paint, and you couldn't see their guitar's strings. Shit, I could hardly see Abbath's hands when he was playing Beyond The North Waves.

Oh, and this was greeeaaat...when they were done playing Beyond The North Waves they paused for quite some time, lights off, and then started playing "Withstand the Fall of Time." Whoever was running the camera turned it off AT 2 MINUTES INTO THE SONG. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT? EVEN FOR A BOOTLEG? A GREAT SONG! CUT! FUCK YOU NUCLEAR BLAST!

Don't waste your money. I'm very thankful I got it for the price that original version would probably go for in stores ($16.00). Download it like the other guy did. If you want to waste your time watching it. I can't wait till Abbath and Horgh get everything up again and I can acually see them live. Now that would be worth whatever the price.