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Only worth it for the humor value... - 30%

Svartalf, February 14th, 2007

If you already have one of the earlier editions of Sons of Northern Darkness, the added material on the DVD isn't worth the cash to purchase this album twice. The footage of the concert is not professionally produced. The band gave the soundboard technician a handycam. No, I am not kidding. If you want to know what the Immortal show at BB King's in NYC would have been like if you came late and had to stand at the back, watch the DVD. Evidently, the sound technician didn't think the zoom button was "grim" or "necro" enough to bother giving us a look at what was going on onstage. The band is crowded to the edge of the stage by what must be the headlining act's drum kit, and while the sound is OK, the visuals are not good. The cameraman does mix it up a bit by knocking the camera out of focus for about a minute, giving you a look at what it would have been like if you came late and had to stand at the back and then took off your glasses.

There is one hilarious moment on the DVD, however, when Abbath is doing something onstage (that we can't see because the zoom button isn't "kvlt," I guess) between songs, probably switching guitars, and in response to the crowd's shouting, says, in a growly yet somehow friendly voice, "be patient," as if talking to a class of black metal kindergarteners. Clearly he had momentarily forgotten he was at an Immortal show.

There's also what looks like a complete portfolio of the photo shoot for the album cover, many shots from which anyone who has seen the "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Photos of all Time" and its companion will already have seen. Once you've seen the whole set, though, you'll realize that the lists are both in dire need of expansion. Do not drink anything while flipping through these, or it will indeed shoot out of your nose with the force of your laughter.