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Just like Old Funeral, But with poor sound. - 65%

The_Beyond, January 12th, 2007

OK, so why did Immortal form from the ashes of Old Funeral, just to sound like Old Funeral on this demo? I am about 95% sure that a riff in "Enslaved in Rot' is lifted straight from an Old Funeral song. Never the less, onto the review.

The production is quite terrible, the vocals sit too loudly in the center of the mix, The guitars blend in with the cymbals to create a melody-less noise at some points. It is good music none the less, but this genre of constantly changing Death Metal is hindered by a production that makes it quite hard to follow. The songs do seem to flow pretty well for Death Metal once again. The riffs sound somewhat meandering, which is present in there later works as well. The vocals are quite good and brutal.

All in all, a short demo plagues by muddy production. I am sure if it was recorded better it would be widely bootlegged and put on compilations.