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Raw beginnings - 82%

TheSomberlain, January 19th, 2006

This is Immortal's debut album from 1992 and features a more Bathory-like style as opposed to their later fast-as-fuck technical thrash-fest. Demonaz plays guitar on this album. He doesn't write as good a riff as Abbath but he really nails the Quorthon sound. Production is a minimum and has that old Norwegian raw black metal sound. Much like all of Immortal's albums there is not a bad track to be found. Some songs are obviously better than others.

The Call of the Wintermoon and Cryptic Winterstorms feature some icy-cold riffing and nice vicious blastbeats courtesy of Armagedda. Immortal were yet to write songs about their mystical world of Blashyrkh and most of these songs have a strong Satanic vibe. A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland is the epic closer of the album and stands as one of Immortal's greatest songs. Acoustic guitar plays a big part in this song and has the best riffs found on the album.

Immortal would release better albums but this debut is without a doubt a mandatory purchase if you like Immortal or old-school black metal.