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Now this is what I like... - 84%

Snxke, January 19th, 2005

Immortal's "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" may be the "lost" album in the bands rather well-known catalog but it rates as my personal favorite. Unlike the rather annoying well-riffed but sloppily composed later efforts this CD's shines by showing strong SONGS that work has cohesive units instead of riff-fests that go nowhere fast. Sure, it's not as imposing in terms of production or technical as the later Immortal - but the song is king here and that is what is most important.

Classic tracks like "Unholy Forces of Evil" and "Cryptic Winterstorms" swirl and slam along with a rather amusing lyrical grind that meshes a rather open satanic vibe with what would become their rather amusing "ice and snow" style lyrics later on. The Bathory-like slam and gong-banging is all just too evil in that "underground in analog" sort of way. Each song is thought out according to build and structure which delivers the telling of it's story perfectly. Demonaz really brings the raw and biting goods on the's quite sad he had to go due to health, as he understood the Bathory feel more than many.

Immortal became black metals biggest band for sure...and this record is now forgotten as their "rough opening moments" but to me it's the classiest release they ever put together. There is certainly something truly youthful and exciting about the whole affair and it's more fun and more organized that most of everything they put out in their later years.

I suggest this for all funs of underground black metal...