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Immortal's Worst, But Still Solid - 80%

TheSomberlain, January 19th, 2006

Let me first say that this is the worst of the blackened thrash era of Immortal albums. But even the worst Immortal album is still better than all the "popular" black metal albums that get released nowadays. I would still rate this album between 75 and 80, which is still a solid rating.

The problem I had with At the Heart of Winter, where some songs are just a bit too long, gets corrected on this album. The only problem now is that the riffs on Damned in Black are not as solid as the riffs on At the Heart of Winter. Triumph starts this abum off strong with one of the best riffs on the album but the rest of the song is not as strong as the intro. Horgh delivers another tight performance. Against the Tide (In the Arctic World) and the title track have the most epic riffs on the album, with Damned in Black being the best song on the album.

Bottom line with this album is, if you liked At the Heart of Winter and the following album Sons of Northern Darkness, then there's no reason you shouldn't like Damned in Black. Abbath's riffing style is still in fine form, I just don't think it's as solid as their other albums. Still a pretty good release though.