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Not at all their best - 52%

Scarred_Soul, June 4th, 2005

For a long time I have only been listening to “Pure Holocaust of the Immortal discography as I had dismissed everything else a few years back when I was first getting into black metal. I recall not liking them for being pretty boring as it all just sounded the same to me. From all the praise my friend had been giving this album I decided to give them another go. Man oh man was he wrong.

Now with all the experience I have gained in the scene over the years listening to many bands I can decide better for what is good and what is not to my ears and be able to understand better why something is good and why something is not good. This album isn’t necessarily complete suckage but it is certainly far from great. It fails in the aspect of keeping me interested as it has the old repetitiveness syndrome, similar to the failure of most of Marduk’s discography.

There are many things going wrong in this album. First of all the lyrics are just plain dumb. Immortal have some of the most unimaginative lyrics in any black metal band that I have come across. Sterotypical words like forest and grim and frostbitten are way overused to the point of just sounding lame and downright laughable at times. In the song Blashyrkh, Abbath repeats “Blashyrkh Mighty Raven Dark” many times and at one point after a fairly dull acoustic section towards the end of the track Abbath growls this feebly and I just burst out laughing. Abbath growls without overdoing it like many vocalists leaving the lyrics mostly decipherable. That said the growls are in the same key through every single song becoming very dull fairly quickly and at times the growls just sound plain feeble.

Now onto the guitars. This is where Immortal most fails. The guitars are hardly varied and the same riffs are recycled over and over again. This helps lead to every song sounding far too similar to one another. To make it worse the guitars are mostly indecipherable as they are drowned out by everything else from a very poor production. And I don’t mean poor as in raw as this can be good but just plain shit.

Now combining repetitive riffs that are difficult to hear and Abbath's dull vocals you get one fairly dull release.