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The Grim and Frostbitten Kings of Northern Darknes - 97%

IrishDeathgrip, December 13th, 2007

You know, despite everyone who loathes this album, there is a huge fanbase of this album. It is a grand effort, worthy of recognition.

Though it's not an extreme, blast-beat laden release, it still retains the sound of Immortal. The guitar work is the same, the only difference is the drums. The drums aren't constantly driving a song into inaudible guitar frenzy. This is the Immortal sound, only less abrasive, and slightly more epic.

The first track 'Withstand the Fall of Time' begins the album with a harsh guitar stroke, that gives way into ultra-fast picking so prominent in black metal. The intro is, to some people, carried on too long, but to me, I wouldn't change this song if I could. Then come the blast beats. However, they don't over do it, and it doesn't overshadow the guitar. The bass is auidible if you listen close enough, and believe me, it serves its purpose. All around great song.

'Solarfall' is a great song, with a unique little intro riff, and still brutal drumming patterns. They whole intro pattern seems like it goes on too long, as there is another repetition of it, but I believe it sounds just great. The vocals, and changing patterns and tempos within the song makes it worthwhile. All in all, a worthwhile listen.

'Tragedies Blow at Horizon' is amazing, because of it's more or less down to earth drumming patterns. There is some snare rolling here and there, but all and all, it's a pretty moderately paced song. Great little clean parts here and there. Pretty damn good song.

'Where Dark and Light Dont Differ' is my last song to review individually. It begins in a very similar way as Tragedies, and once more retains a thrash metal sort of feel. The vocals on this song are amazing, and the chorus is amazing as well. The guitar tearing into a melody, completely unexpected in a BM album. A brilliant song

The other tracks (At the Heart of Winter, Years of Silent Sorrow, respectively) are as great as the others mentioned here, but I just wanted to go over the parts that would make a believer of anyone.

At the Heart of Winter is an amazing album, and I suggest everyone listen to it during the winter time. That's when it feels the most right. (surprisingly...)