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Hypnotising - 98%

Idicious, July 6th, 2004

I had heard a song or two from the album which incited me to get it, and I was definately not dissapointed. What we have here is true norwegian black metal with atmospheric influences, all perfectly mixed together, in a rather hypnotic way. Some might say it's repetitive, but once you realise the buildup of the songs, it doesn't bother you any more.
The cover art is great, I'm sure it's suppost to reprisent Blashyrk, and it's done very well, very nice.
Now let me get on the the songs.

-Withstand the Fall of Time 10/10

Well, at first I must say I found this song too repetitive, but then I realised it's two long, well structured buildups to the main, beautifull, yet so sad and emotional main rif, which happends twice (the rif that it fades out to at the end) That riff I find so beautifull, so sad, so hypnotic, maby the idea that it isn't possible to withstand the fall of time, that eventually everything fades away. This is probebly my favorite song on the album, great riffs, good drum work, good vocals.

-Solarfall 9.5/10

Another very good song, a bit less 'repetitive' than 'Withstand the Fall of Time'. Good riff progression and speed build ups. It also has some nice clean guitar interludes in it.

-Tragedies Blows at Horizon 9/10

This is one of the two songs on the album which I don't find as good as the rest. The riffing is decent, drums as well, it just doesn't have anything special to it, nothing that gives it that edge to it, it doesn't have the exelent well build up riffing of the first two songs, nor the interesting vocals of the one after, nor the great atmosphere of the title track. Decent song, nothing special, has a clean guitar interlude just before end and at some points in between, and ends pretty good.

-Where Dark and Light Don't Differ 10/10

Probebly together with 'Withstand the Fall of Time' my favorite song from the album. The real standout is the vocals, a departure from the clasic Immortal vocals to a slightly deaper one, with more volume to it, and it sounds great! Especially with the exelent guitar work and riff buildups which this song has. It has a great 'sing along' chorus where you want to shout along: Where dark and light don't differ! Just great guitar work that make you want to sing along.
The ending is kind of sudden, but good none the less.

-At The Heart of Winter 9.5/10

The intro to this song is great, very atmospheric and creates a nice cold icy atmosphere, with keyboards, clean guitars and icy nordic winds blowing softly in the backround, I think the bass does some of it as well.
So the intro is really great, but the guitar work after just doesn't exactly fit it, it's good, but I think could have been slightly better, more icy, more cold, they are good, and I like the song a lot however.
Only further complaint is the ending, which besides being sudden isn't that great.

-Years of Silent Sorrow 9/10

Probebly my least favorite song on the album. It starts off good, but then has the same problem as Tragedies Blows at Horizon. It just drags on, and doesn't go in any clear direction, it's ok, just not the same callibre as some of the other songs.

As a last note, it's a great album, go out and get it ;-)