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Not as grim... - 70%

crestiaux, October 18th, 2009

After being under the radar for at least seven years Immortal emerges back into the scene with their latest cd "All Shall Fall". For a band with a lengthy and worthy history this release comes in as their eighth studio album. Unfortunately, Demonaz had to retire playing guitar because of
tendonitis in his arm. Good news is that he is now the band's main lyricist and although he no longer plays he still accompanies the band on tour.

The release wastes no time getting in your face with the title track "All Shall Fall". Although guitar solos are a rarity in this genre of music you will still find your fair share on this one. There is a more facetious feel to this cd (just my opinion) and it sounds a little less grim then the rest. The things that have not lost their appeal however are the amazing technical drumming abilities of Horgh (which truly saves this album for me) and Abbath's screaching vocals ( at times it brings me back to their first releases). My fave tracks on the cd are easily "Arctic Swarm" and "Mount North" The arrangements and production are huge which is no suprise when you work alongside Peter Tagtgren.

If you are a fan of Immortal then there is no doubt that you were anticipating this release, I know I was. I kind of didn't expect anything new to come from them other then the lyrical content to be quite honest. I have learnt that the more you expect great things the easier it is to get let down. Did the cd wow me? Not really although it was a nice follow up to Sons Of Northern Darkness and Blizzard Beasts. The atmosphere of this for me was not so cold as it was chilly.

The real bonus is that its release date comes in around the same time as an other Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth and Swedish band Marduk, which might earn them a few extra spins to compare. If you were a big fan of the band when they released Pure Holocaust I can only imagine that you are on the same page as me if not then I guess we are reading a totally different book.

Word is that they are already recording a new album to follow up on this one,let's just hope they bring back the grimness they once started with.

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