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Immortal - All Shall Fall - 90%

Orbitball, February 14th, 2013

Still grim, depressing, low end darkness due to the mastermind Peter Tagtgren in the production/mixing department, a release that reflects more of Immortal's "At The Heart of Winter". The blackness of the despondent riffs/leads, featuring a mixture of bar chords and tremolo picking, Immortal selects some really melancholic axe frenzies. Some songs are a tad upbeat, not by much though. A few tracks are fast, but all in all, damp and an echo carrying with them graven mist sultry black metal. A good selection of melodies though to reflect Immortal of the old style of writing.

Again, about the 40+ minutes of music, Abbath's riff writing features great style of wintry and solemn spell of musicianship. The vocals fit the music totally. The odd voice of Abbath has not changed one bit from previous recordings. His voice is vintage, which puts an overtone of overture in that department. Everything is all him, no backup by any other of the members. I'd conclude that overall, Immortal as a whole, constructs songs with music that can dampen ones mood because as I mentioned, the songs are so depressing. Perfect selection as usual with the lyrics done entirely by Demonaz.

Appolyon's bass is somewhat audible and well fine tuned in the recording. It sounds like Abbath sticks with standard tuning, which is speculation that is. His solos are better here than in the past, but some may argue with this conclusion. I thought that that they sat well with the music. The chorus selections are so memorable, especially on "Mount North". I think it contains one of the most notable one within the entire recording of the album. Abbath also selects not only distortion tone in his guitar, but also clean melodies as well. They set the stage for the heavier and thicker distortion type riffing.

I would have to say that in my estimation, "All Shall Fall" is definitely a better release than "Sons of the Northern Darkness". I conclude this because I think that the quality of the riffs, the atmosphere, the vocals, production sound, fits a darker Immortal. I also think that everything on this recording blows it away. I'm talking about the depressing nature of the songs, the riffing, the quality and selection of music to go with the vocals really ousts it's predecessor. A lot of variety, plus Horgh does a lot of good behind the set. His conglomeration of drumming sure as hell goes hand in hand with the music perfectly.

A lot of the tracks feature fade outs into hellish dominions. Into the gargoyles of doom that is, such hellish burning this one goes into the deepest pits of despair, and other worldly domains. The music struct me the most, that was the highlight. The aura of these songs are so chilling that one could never get turned off by the release unless your mood doesn't crave the blackest of deep intertwining black metal. Sheer genius by the band as a whole, well worth the wait. I'm hoping that the band does produce another follow-up. If you deeply respect black metal and all of it's intensity featuring the darkest minutes you've heard, "All Shall Fall" is one never to keep out of your metal selection!