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The blizzard still blows and it's freezing! - 95%

LordBelketraya, December 15th, 2009

When Abbath decided to form 'I' a few years back there was a certain feeling of inevitability that this day would come. And it has. If you're expecting a reinvention of the wheel then just don't bother (pretty much with black metal in general). Abbath is one of the coolest motherfuckers on earth. And he didn't need to kill someone or burn a church to do it. As a matter of fact, Immortal have been known to have cheesiest images in metal history. I suppose its his "I don't give a fuck!" attitude and just focus on playing kick ass music that does it.

These guys "get it". They understand what they are great at and they stick to that formula very well. So here we have 'All Shall Fall'. I purchased the digipak version which is really sweet, nice gatefold opening into a typical cheesy Immortal picture inside, but since we already expected that it's not a problem. This is clearly one of those "it's so bad it's cool" moments you talk about to friends. Seeing the length of some of these songs I expected 'At The Heart Of Winter' and in some cases this album reminds me of that. I guess of all of them that may be it's closest cousin. But the album definitely has traces of 'Blizzard Beasts' on 'Hordes Of War' with it's blasting breakneck speed of Abbath's guitar. 'Arctic Swarm' sounds like a lost track off of the aforementioned 'ATHOW' album. 'Mount North' reminds me of the I side project.

A little bit of everything is thrown in this album from Abbath's past and they are all done with passion and precision. We cannot underestimate Demonaz's contribution to this album and Immortal's work post-Blizzard Beasts. He does the lyrics and I feel he has a role in the music for sure. NO doubt this band is the brainchild of him and Abbath. Horgh once again delivers behind the kit and is clearly one of the least talked about drummers in metal. He is in the upper echelon of drummers out there. Just listen to him to anything he's done from Blizzard Beasts to All Shall Fall. He is the perfect fit for Immortal. They'll never have to looks elsewhere with a drummer like him. I love his drumming on 'Unearthly Kingdom'. That track is definitely done with 'Sons Of Northern Darkness' in mind. Their longest track on the album. But their best track in my opinion is 'Norden On Fire' which is an ode to 'Blashrykh (Mighty Ravendark)' from the Battle In The North album. These guys have undeniable feel for the "epic track". They execute it as good as anyone out there, the song structure and buildup is what they do best. In a way this album is Immortal's career in a nutshell, in one cd, I love it.