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Prepare to embrace your fate. - 60%

Diamhea, February 15th, 2018

It seems like there are a lot of bands lately that put image before substance. it's almost as if they come up with some sort of visual concept, with costumes and everything, then try and come up with music that vaguely ties in conceptually, Add a decent cover art and it seems like a lot of newcomers to certain genres (nudge nudge, melodic death) will eat it up. So here we have Immorgon from Spain, and to be honest I was a bit surprised at how little And Thus We Raid sucked. Sure, there is Amon Amarth in there - in fact it is a sizeable contingent of the band's sound, but that's certainly not all these Spaniards have in their arsenal.

For one, there is a scant folk tinge to the melodies at time, oftentimes featuring a driving, restrained lead and bulldozer lower-register fare that lock into a decent comfort zone with Trinkhorn's death metal gutturals. Yes, this sounds like early-mid Amon Amarth, and it isn't bad since the guitar tone is an unpolished, raw and rust-hewn conflagration worthy of the antediluvian subject matter at hand. Drums are a triggered, stabbing attack that feels inadequate given the heft of the remainder, but it works.

Clich├ęs assuredly run rampant here. We get the clips of battle, with swords clashing and shouting. Track title references like Lindisfarne, Einherjer and crows. The riffs aren't as caustic and explosive as they could have been, with songwriting that fails to fully impress for the duration. I'm generally with all of these tracks once they fire up, but Immorgon fail to cycle through enough riffs to keep the affair engaging. It simply begins to dry up like freshly-spilled blood on the battlefield. What are we left with but a pale imitator?

I will admit that I was reminded of Suidakra at points, especially when those folk melodies begin to seep through, but a lot of the leads just sound elementary and not fully fleshed out. The concept is the most dominant element here, which is appealing but sounds a bit bare on And Thus We Raid. Poland's Valkenrag executed this sound better, even if Immorgon do provide some cluttered momentum worthy of praise at points, especially on the more crushing, mid-paced cuts. Otherwise, it isn't particularly worth revisiting, even though it isn't completely without merit.