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Immolith – Storm Dragon (2012) - 70%

Asag_Asakku, May 30th, 2012

In the world of Forgotten Realms, when demonic spirits are thrown into the abyss, they may coalesce to create a supreme being, a creature made of fire and doomed to wreak havoc. Its name? Immolith. It is also an American band from New Jersey who prevails in the register of brutal black metal. The similarities between these two entities are quite obvious. After a demo and an EP in 2009, the band released its debut album this year called Storm Dragon (2012). So what this beast out of the depths is made of?

After a short introduction, the deluge starts at full speed with Torch of Baphomet, which specifies the group’s intentions. It’s good old united states black metal (USBM), whose main features are based on speed and aggressiveness. One senses throughout listening to this long-play the strong influence of the pillars of the Swedish scene of the 1990s. Marduk, of course, but also Setherial, for its mystical side, that we perceive in the title track or on A Pact of Blood. But the trademark of Immolith is undoubtedly based on brutality (and not at all on subtlety)! It hits hard, through a production a bit rough, which is well suited to this style of music. Beautiful synthesis and best track on the album, the song Rites of the Blood Moon is also a shining example of the aggressiveness potential of the group. My only negative point concerns the voice, which is dubbed by an echo effect that becomes annoying after a while.

At a time when the american black metal seems to renew itself and seeks new creative horizons, Storm Dragon reminds everyone what is the base of brutal metal as practised among our southern neighbours: a direct and uncompromising music, which crushes all listeners under an avalanche of decibels. 7/10

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