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Another severe NY death metal bashing - 100%

babies_with_guns, May 11th, 2007

The first time I heard Immolation, Close to a World Below, I thought it was horrible. I can't remember then what I didn't like, as I've grown to absolutely love them over the course of the years, but something didn't seem right, probably the vocals.

So, a while later I gave them another run, I think Failures For Gods, and I almost sprayed poo all over my undergarments. After that I was a convert to the church of the New York Death Metal masters (well, second to Suffocation, who were almost toppled after the release of the horrible Souls to Deny) Immolation.

The thing about the vocals that I love so much, I'm sure I'm not alone, is that they're death metal vocals, no doubt about it, but but you can understand every single world that's uttered; amazing.

So, when Shadows in the Light was leaked I checked it out; I was disappointed, not by the music itself, but the quality of the recording, but I kept in mind "it's the leaked version, the actualy CD will be light years better." So, with that in mind, yesterday, along with the new Bjork and Elliott Smith albums, I picked up Shadows in Light.

I listened to a few tracks on the ride home & loved what I heard, and sitting here now listening it's like an old friend who you're so familiar with coming to visit after a long hiatus, 2 years in this case.

Everything is the same, more or less, but this is by no means a bad thing; Immolation are a band who've crafted their sound to an absolutely flawless perfection. The solos are amazing, the drums are pummeling, relentless, as always, and the bass, whose sound I've always been a great admirer of, is as fantastic as ever.

If you're looking for some supreme, intelligent might I add - sure, they're an anti-christian band but they're not a parody of themselves like Deicide & Vital Remains, death metal pick up what's most likely to be THE best death metal album of 2007; Shadows in Light.