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Immolation's best? IMO, yes - 100%

MetalHead1200, September 21st, 2008

Immolation have an excellent track record of being one of the most consistent, original, and flat out best death metal bands of all time. This album has in no way tarnished their record. Put simply, this record is stunning. Finding flaws in this is impossible for me. Every track stands out, every track is as amazing as the other. Now that I'm done with all my praise, let's get to the review:

The production is some of the best I've heard. The bass is fully audible, which is good because the bass lines are excellent. Every instruments volume is perfect, and the whole album creates a dark and sinister atmosphere, as with any Immolation release. Except the production on this is considerably clearer than others. This may be a let down to death metal fans who only like the "underground" sort of sound, but I adore the production on this album.

The riffing is the absolute best I've heard to date. No filler riffs here. Every riff is catchy, well thought out, and technical. The melodies, as with everything Immolation, are so original. I really don't understand how a human being could think up the amazing riffs and melodies on this album.

The drumming here is also excellent. Steve Shalaty utilizes blast beats, double bass, and other techniques while at the same time never overusing any of these. Shalaty definitely deserves more respect from the metal community.

Ross Dolan has always been my favorite death vocalist, ever since I heard Immolation for the first time. His growls are so evil yet you can understand everything he says. The lyrics range from anti-religion to society, and are excellent. All of Immolation's works have had impressive lyrics in my opinion.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite if not my favorite album of all time. If you consider yourself a fan of death metal, GET IT!!!! You will not be disappointed, trust me.