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Harnessing their own ruin? - 90%

kaivrykolakas, June 7th, 2007

To be brutally honest, I didn't even thought about checking this album out after realizing that Alex Hernandez is no longer behind the drum kit. None of my friends ever mentioned this album to me, so after a few months of its release I was still ignoring it and then even forgot about it.

I came across the "Harnessing Ruin" video and decided to check it out, since it was online and free for all to view. There was something in the riffs of that song that compelled me to listen to the album.

So I went to my favourite metal CD store and got a copy and listened to the whole album. Here's my verdict:

It was a great album! The band has really grown or developed in their songwriting. The riffs are still typical Immolation, and only Immolation could conjure up such riffs - dark and ominous. The new drummer, Steve, did a marvellous job of maintaining the signature Immolation drum surge and revealed a bit of his own touch.

What I do not like about this album: The technicality of the riffs in the songs in this album are decreasing compared to the riffs of the songs from their past albums.

What I do like about this album: The simpler riffs added another dimension to Immolation's songwriting ability. There were those lead guitar parts which at times make the songs sound a bit melodic. I didn't like them at first but after a while I felt that they sounded necessary.

So after listening to this album a few times, I found myself liking it. Immolation fans would be a bit disappointed but if you call yourself an Immolation fan, then you should not miss this album even if it differs from the older albums.